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Bamboobies Reusable Breast Pads {Review} + Giveaway Details!

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Tales From A Southern Mom had the privilege to review bamboobies reusable breast pads.  

Now we are not breastfeeding yet but still, leaking during pregnancy is not a fun time to be had.  These pads are so absurdly soft that it almost seems like they are too soft to absorb. 

The thinness threw me as well; I was not expecting them to be able to absorb anything with being so thin.  Guess what? They did! For the first time in weeks, I am not leaking and I don’t have spots on my bra and better than anything I am not embarrassed by those tissues and circle disposable pads that I could see through my shirt.

Now I am sure not everyone saw them but I saw them all the time and it made me want to wear a sweater or scarf all the time. 


These pads are made with organic cotton and bamboo rayon velour on the outside and have hemp and organic cotton on the inside, they also have a layer of waterproof (eh, milkproof) fabric on the outside to keep from leaking through. 

The heart shape they come in helps them kind of disappear under your bra and shirt. Bamboobies are comfortable to wear too, did not really find myself aware of them at all.  

I did wear the overnight ones to bed once, even though they are not really needed right now and I know that I will be leaking a whole lot more than I am now to warrant them, I just wanted to see if they were as comfortable as the daytime regular pads.


 The overnight pads were more traditionally circular shaped and they were pretty comfortable, it did not wake up and I did not wake them up to them thrown on the floor in the morning, that is a good sign. 

I feel pretty lucky that I got to try these before I wasted a bunch of money on pads that are not as soft or as absorbent, now the problem is they all future pads I buy will have to live up to these great breast pads. If you would like to see more about bamboobies or to purchase your first set of bamboobies head over to their Website here

Bamboobies is giving a 25.00 dollar gift card to one of our readers, just enter the giveaway here and try these great pads for yourself.  

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Giveaway is scheduled to start 1/15. 

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