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Chewbeads Teething Jewelry {Review and Giveaway Details- Ends 2/8/14}

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chewbeads title finalTales From a Southern Mom recently had the opportunity to review a product from the Chewbeads line of jewelry, a line of products designed for moms with teething and nursing little ones.  The product line is quite diverse in terms of shapes, styles and colors, and there is something to suit everyone’s taste.  They also have products for kids and tweens, and teethers and toys for younger kids.

chewbeads in packageThe product that this author reviewed was the Waverly Necklace, in a trendy color combo of turquoise and orange.  The first thing I noticed is that each of the beads is individually knotted, which means if for any reason the product were to fail, beads wouldn’t scatter everywhere, presenting a choking hazard.  As a safety minded mom, I love the fact that i don’t have to worry about my child choking.  Each bead is made from silky smooth food grade silicone, which is free from BPA, Phthalates, Cadmium or Lead. It’s safe for babies to touch, chew and pull on, as well as soft and flexible so that babies tender gums and teeth are safe from harm while chewing on Chewbeads.

My daughter noticed my bright new necklace as soon as I put it on, and she loves hanging onto it like a handle while I carry her, chewing on it if we are still and she’s pretty sure she can get it off if she yanks hard enough.  She’s put it through some pretty tough trials, but the safety clasp has held up quite nicely.chewbeads close up

Perhaps my favorite, and somewhat unexpected feature of Chewbeads is for nursing.  My 6.5 month old daughter has lately developed a case of busy hands while nursing.  Which means she wants to pinch the back of my arm, or my breast, or pick my nose, or any number of other personal space violations that I could really do without.  Chewbeads, being brightly colored and soft, catch her attention and she can roll, pinch, squeeze, yank and generally take out all of her exploration and curiousity on the beads instead of my tender skin.  That is a BIG bonus in my book.  Also, if you get a bracelet, you can use that as a handy reminder of which side to nurse.

As an added convenience, Chewbeads are dishwasher safe, so if baby gets your jewelry drenched in spit or any other less than desirable stuff, you can just toss it in the dishwasher and it comes out good as new.chewbeads baby

I can honestly say that I will probably be purchasing several more Chewbeads necklaces.  I like the variety of styles and colors, and my baby loves having a toy for her around my neck so everyone wins.   I highly recommend their line of products to moms, but also to grandmothers, aunts, sisters, and other caregivers.  I’m pretty sure my 2 year old daughter would love a safe necklace just like Momma’s too.  This product is a winner in my book.

chewbeads tag finalYou can enter to win one of the necklaces from Chewbeads Jane Necklace Collection with the form below:

Or you can visit the Chewbeads website, Facebook page, or Twitter and find the perfect item for you and your baby!


1/25/14-2/8/14 at 11:59 PM CST

Open to Continental Residents who are 18 years of age or older.

Prize: One reader will win their choice of a Chewbeads Necklace from the Jane Collection (valued at $29.50).

Enter using the Entry Form below. By entering you agree to abide by the Terms and Conditions listed on the Entry Form. All winning entries will be verified. Winner will receive an email from Jen at and will have 48 hours to respond or a new winner will be chosen. Good Luck and thanks for entering!

26 thoughts on “Chewbeads Teething Jewelry {Review and Giveaway Details- Ends 2/8/14}

  1. My favorite tip is putting a wet wash cloth in the freezer and let baby chew on it

  2. i like teething necklaces and using teething oil

  3. I’ve heard breast milk pops are awesome!

  4. We swear by amber teething necklaces!

  5. Punkin Butt Teething oil is SO amazing!!! Love having a natural alternative to help soothe my little one!

  6. Frozen fruit/frozen breast milk cubes in a mesh feeder is great.

  7. I love a cold wash cloth that baby can chew on, but it does get everything else wet.

  8. frozen washcloths

  9. frozen fruit in mesh teethers is always my go to…and lots of safe teething toys!

  10. I haven’t yet gotten to the teething phase but I’m excited to try amber necklaces!

  11. frozen washcloths… things to chew on… and amber necklaces!

  12. Frozen fruit in mesh is very helpful!

  13. We just discovered Punkin Butt teething oil. I swear that stuff is magic!

  14. Baby girl enjoys my knuckle and Sophie as well as frozen teethers.

  15. We love our amber necklace…and lots of nursing, wooden teething rings and camilia (amazing stuff!!)

  16. Welllll, we recently got a baltic amber teething necklace…and I went a day without it and she went nutso. So who knows? But otherwise I just have plenty of teething toys to chew on!

  17. We haven’t reached the teething stage yet but I plan to buy a baltic amber necklace for baby to wear

  18. Punkin’ Butt Teething Oil is our lifesaver!

  19. I’ve heard amber works miracles!

  20. We use frozen grapes in a mesh teething ring, we also keeps lots of nighttime teething gel in the house!

  21. My friends tell me that Sophie the Giraffe is great!

  22. I plan on freezing rings for the baby once we get to that stage

  23. We use frozen peaches in a mesh net feeder. It seems to do the trick!

  24. Not bragging, but my son didn’t seem to ever have teething pain. My new one probably will be miserable, though! My friend showed me a tip passed down from her grandma: cold metal spoon in the mouth.

  25. We love our amber necklace and lots of snuggles!

  26. I like the old fashioned idea of freezing the teething rings for baby to chew on – that usually brings some relief. Also freezing fruit and giving it to baby in the mesh fruit chew baggies.

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