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Potty Patrol Training Diapers System Review/Giveaway Ends 04/29

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Tales From A Southern Mom was graciously asked to review the Potty Patrol Potty Training Diapers, I am so glad I did!

I love this product. I like that it is so much like diapers that it is convenient but there are enough differences that your toddler knows that they are “special”.  Potty Patrol was started by 2 days who had, between them 9 children and they knew there had to be a way to potty train them easier.  So, on the same concept of the alarms for bedwetting, they invented the Potty Patrol system.  It is an innovative way for toddlers to understand the cause and effect of going potty and just going in their diaper.

When they go potty, the wet sensor plays Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star! It makes them realize that they went potty. At first my toddler looked at me as if to say “where is that music coming from?” I asked, “Did you pee-pee?” and she of course shook her head no. I changed her right away so she knew that she did pee.

It did take a little while for her to realize that these diapers were different and that we can now tell when she went potty.

The product itself is pretty simple there are diapers with two blue lines throughout the diaper, and at the waistband of the diaper are two snaps. You snap the receiver onto the diaper when it is dry and when they wet it sets the alarm off to play the song.

The snaps are durable on each diaper and the receiver has not missed one yet! I am impressed. I think that it is important for them to understand what the word potty and pee means. Let’s get real here, they really do not know what you are talking about when you first start the questions you are asking about eliminating. With these diapers, they learn FAST what the word pee pee and potty means and you can use that connection to teach them where you are supposed to do that.
Overall, I think this product is awesome, she loves the song it plays, and she loves to help me snap on the receiver. When the song plays she now comes to me if she is playing and says I pee’d! It took me a few times to understand what she meant and wanted. Of course, she wanted to be changed and be dry (and to snap the receiver on, of course).

Now whether she has on panties or these diapers she is learning that when you have to pee, it’s wet, it’s different and that you need to get to the potty before it happens. We are not totally trained yet, but I think this product is going to make it much faster for us.  You can see all of their products at their website here.

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  1. My son turns 3 next month and we’ve just started to potty train

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