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Update on our MiniFarm Box

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Well I hope you all remember when we got the mini-farm box? Well we are ready for an update? If you missed the first part in this series you can go here to catch up.


My husband went out and bought the soil that the Mini Farm Box recommended and it has worked beautifully. It took exactly 4 bags and that was not over full.  We then we planted seeds for a few things in there, including lettuce, baby carrots, a tomato plant and a pepper plant.

planting seeds soil
Seeds he bought!

You will notice in this picture lots of different seeds.  The cucumbers, eggplant, and peas are not suitable for this box.  When we first bought them we were unsure what was going to be planted in here and what we were going to add to our summer garden.  


She loves helping! The bags weight really surprised her though! 

soil raised bed garden veggies


We have about three bags in at this point. You need to make sure the soil is loose and not compacted before planting seeds.

After we watered we thought the box would discolor or not drain well, but neither has been the case.  The soil did not compact and its just starting to sprout little baby plants.

garden ready

I am impressed that the box is still in perfect condition and that the water and soil has not messed it up at all.  We have had some pretty high temperatures here and that has not effects the look or function. 

The little one around here is 3 foot tall and she loves watering the box and does this as often as we will let her.  She was able to plant the seeds and is enjoying watching the whole thing come together.

Well for now that is it! Look for the update next week and I can show you the little plants we have going!


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  1. This looks like a really fun thing to do with the kids. I’ve never head of a mini farm box before. I look forward to seeing how yours progresses.

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