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Holiday Shopping Made Simple with!

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I don’t know if you are like me, but I am pretty difficult person to buy for when it comes to birthdays and the holidays.  I just do not like the things that most moms might like.  I don’t like make up, not into perfume soaps and bubble baths, but if you could find me a great plant for my yard, I would be ecstatic!

I know you must have someone in your family like that.  Just think if it was like buying for a new mom or a newlywed couple, you could have a registry to go to and get what everyone wants without guessing on sizes and colors, or even styles, does Suzie have an iPhone or a Samsung?

Gifts are more than just things, they are the way we show our love and our affections towards someone, and to buy something they are going to love is important, it is even more important to those with small children, everyone has their own idea about what is good and what is bad and what they want their children to have to play with.

small_361528468photo credit: Darcie via photopin cc has solved this problem, they have a great service for any occasion, including the holiday season.  How fun is it for children to look and add things to their own lists, they love it so much to be able to shop too.

I know if you have a mother in law anything like mine a list would be so great, as much as I love her, I don’t know what she is needing or wanting, makes this so easy for everyone.

Some may not think it is not polite to ask for things, but coming from a mothers, and a grandmothers point of view, please make us a very detailed list and help us buy something that you want, we really do want your help and enjoy knowing that what we got you is exactly what you want and that you are not going to have to stand in line after the holidays to have to return it.

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A holiday wish list is all-inclusive. You can add items from any store in the world onto one list and share it via numerous social media platforms, e-cards or a just simple link, how awesome is that! I love that you can use any store you want, it does not all have to be purchased in one place.  

This idea has been a long time coming and I think embracing it is going to make my holiday shopping so much simpler.  Check out and make yours simple too!


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