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Clean Air with Holmes Smart Technology Purifier

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This post brought to you by Holmes Products. The content and opinions expressed below are that of Tales From A Southern Mom.

I have watched my grand-daughter go through some horrible asthma attacks and when it first started at 18 months, we thought it was just a cold that had caused the problem.Izea.air.purifier.filters__1_

We soon found out that the allergies and everyday air pollution in our city causes her more problems than even a cold or flu virus.  It is important to keep her bedroom clean, vacuumed, and all of her bedding washed.  Using an air purifier was a no brainer when it came to keeping her healthy.

The Holmes® Smart Air Purifier allows us to keep up with keeping her air clean and healthy for her easily.  The Holmes® Smart Air Purifier alerts us with the WeMo app when the air quality is poor and you need to change the filter, it makes no sense to have an air purifier if you are not able to care for it correctly so that it can do its job. 


The app that you install onto your smart phone allows you to do all of these things directly from your phone, you don’t even have to be home to operate the purifier.  We can even change settings on the go if there happens to be a windy day or a wild-fire nearby.

With the  Holmes® Smart Air Purifier connected with the WeMo technology, we can turn her purifier up and allow the room to be ultra clean when we get home, it allows us the ultimate control over the indoor air pollution that causes her breathing problems and we can all sleep more soundly knowing she is only breathing in the good clean air!


You can use the app to control other appliances in your home including the Holmes Smart Humidifier and Holmes Smart Console Heater.  Your family is worth the best and they are worth the comfort you can provide with these wonderful appliances.


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