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$75 Red Robin GC Giveaway 10/10

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Welcome to our Giveaway~

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Sponsored By Red Robin

Red Robin’s Burger for Better Schools Program:

  • Burgers for Better Schools is an extension of Red Robin’s loyalty rewards program. Red Robin Royalty provides members with added perks when they dine at Red Robin restaurants throughout the year, such as granting every 10th item purchased as free, a free birthday burger, exclusive surprises and more
  • Burgers for Better Schools gives Red Robin Royalty members an opportunity to support local K-12 schools simply by dining at participating Red Robin restaurants and using their Red Robin Royalty member account. When a Red Robin Royalty member’s account is presented at the time of purchase, Red Robin will donate one percent of the total bill to their school of choice (excluding taxes, gratuities and gift card sales)
  • Participating in Burgers for Better Schools is as easy as becoming a member of Red Robin Royalty. Red Robin Royalty members can sign up for Burgers for Better Schools on their account dashboard on Red Robin’s website or by visiting If you are not already a Red Robin Royalty member, sign up for free and select your child’s school BEFORE your visit!
  • Through the Burgers for Better Schools dashboard, Red Robin Royalty members can select their school of choice to receive support, and change their school selection at any time throughout the year
  • Members who have opted into Burgers for Better Schools can follow their progress in supporting a K-12 school of their choice on their Red Robin Royalty account dashboard. Details include individual contributions, how many others are supporting that school, and total donations raised by all supporters
  • At any time, Red Robin Royalty members can donate an additional sum to the school of their choice by using the credit card option featured on the Burgers for Better Schools homepage
  • Red Robin also makes it easy to help spread the word about the Burgers for Better Schools program at school, online and socially with a variety flyers, website banners and social media-friendly content in the online digital tool kit

Onto the Giveaway~

  • 1 reader will win a $75.00 Red Robin Gift Card

  • This is open to the U.S. only

  • This Sweepstakes will end on 10/10/2015 at 7 p.m.

  • All entries will be verified

  • Winner will be notified by email and have 24 hours to respond or another will be chosen. is the email it will come from.

  • Must be 18+ to enter

  • Void where prohibited by law

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121 thoughts on “$75 Red Robin GC Giveaway 10/10

  1. It is Red Robin for me. I loved it when I lived near one.

  2. I love red robin because they offer a garden burger!!!

  3. Red Robin is my favorite!

  4. I like Red Robins Patty melt and the bottemless fries

  5. I don’t have a favorite i just love burgers!!

  6. I don’t have a favorite. I like a lot of different things.

  7. Red Robin is my favorite burger joint because they are mindful of my granddaughter’s food allergies.

  8. One of my favorite burger joints is Five Guys.

  9. We like this little place up north that has the best burgers but looks like a little dive

  10. Max & Ermas is my fave burger joint…Red Robin after that

  11. Our favorite burger place is Red Robin we just love their burgers!

  12. Red Robin, for sure!

  13. There is a place up north that has the best burgers but looks like a little dive

  14. Red Robin is actually my favourite burger joint because They have always been accommodating with my children, it’s noisy enough to where loud kids don’t distract other customers, but not too noisy to where I don’t want to be there, and the endless fries. My goodness, the endless fries! *drool*

  15. Dont really have a favorite, my tastes change all the time

  16. Is there another burger joint aside from Red Robin? Of course it’s my favorite !!

  17. My current favorite is probably Freddy’s because I love their old fashioned steakburger, and the seasoning on their french fries!

  18. Red Robin will always have my favorite burgers but the local chain has some very bad waiters and we have had many issues the last couple times we went. Such a shame.

  19. I like Max & Ermas in Ohio. The burgers are juicy.

  20. Our favorite burger place is Red Robin for the good food.

  21. I am in love with their Garden burger.

  22. I don’t have a favorite burger joint but I would love to try Red Robin’s burgers.

  23. My favorite burger joint is a small local restaurant called The Grub Hut. They have the BEST burgers! They are very fresh and cooked perfectly and there are so many to choose from!

  24. wE love red robin for our family birthday We love endless fries buy in supermarket love win for our family fun birthdays this year..

  25. Our favorite local burger place is Dick’s. Great fries, amazing shakes and simply yummy burgers.

  26. Whenever my boyfriend and I visit the mall, we stop at Red Robin. Their burgers melt in your mouth, and how can you say no to never ending fries?! Plus, their strawberry lemonade is made with real strawberries and is one of my favorites.

  27. I like the veggie burger at Red Robin.

    1. Forgot to add because it tastes good and my kids love the burgers there.

  28. I like Five Guys, it’s close to us.

  29. My favorite burger joint is In-N-Out burger. It’s my favorite because it’s a very old school type place that has a limited menu. Their burgers are delishious!

  30. There are so many good burger places–I used to love Fudrucker’s when I was young.

  31. I really like burgers from a local restaurant called Thyme 2.

  32. My favorite burger joint is Max & Erma’s but Red Robin is up there in my top 3.

  33. We love going to Red Rabin for the great tasting burgers.

  34. I ahvent been to Red Robins yet so right now my favorite burger joint is Five Guys

  35. I like their garden burger.

  36. I’ve never been to Red Robin but I’ve heard lots of good reviews. I would love to take my family and try the burgers. I hear they are delicious!

  37. My family likes Red Robin because of the good food.

  38. I love A Better Burger, but Red Robin is also fantastic!

  39. I love Red Robin, which is why I am entering this giveaway.

  40. Red Robin is actually our favorite for the best burgers and fries too!

  41. We love Red Robin burgers!

  42. My favorite burger joint is mcdonalds because is it convenient for us.

  43. we love red robin burgers. another place with great burgers is bubba gumps. it is a shrimp place which I don’t like excellent burger when everyone is in mood for burgers we go to red robin.


  45. My favorite burger joint is Red Robin! They have the best guacamole burger!

  46. I go cheap… I like Burger King 😉 I love their chargrill taste for the price!

  47. My family enjoys Red Robin because they have a good menu selection.

  48. My fiance’ can grill a great burger!

  49. My family likes Red Robin because of the good food.

  50. Red Robin is one of my fave burger joint. I usually go with the Banzai!

  51. I always order the Bacon Cheese Burger ! I love bacon and the protein is good for diabetics so it’s a treat 🙂

  52. I love The Culver Bacon Burger also. Plus they have a great fish sandwich – yum!

  53. I like Red Robin burgers. They taste great!

  54. I’ve been to Red Robin 3 times since it opened in our area. We (family) love it. Great staff, modern feel, excellent burgers !! It’s our favorite burger spot 🙂

  55. i havent been to red robin in Ages, but I LOVE THEM SOOOOOOO

  56. I love the A-1 burger!

  57. I love Red robin me and my fiance are always going there! I would love this.

  58. We like going to Red Robin because they have good food and good drinks, I love their lemonade and root beer floats.

  59. steak and shake love it for college memories

  60. I love smashburger because they always have fresh ingredients.

  61. I LOVE most burger joints! But what puts TGIFridays over the top is my love for their Jack Daniels Burger!

  62. I’m a big fan of Red Robin’s burgers! My dad took me their for the first time so its an extra special place to me 😀

  63. We have a local place here in Rockford, IL called Beef-A-Roo. They are by FAR my favorite. There’s no other chain like them!

  64. I love Red Robin. They have excellent juicy burgers

  65. red robin because they have so many choices of burgers and other foods to try

  66. We like Red Robin, they have a good kids menu.

  67. We really like Red Robin, but locally, our favorite burger joint is a drive-in restaurant called the Dairy Freeze. It’s in a little town called Island, so everyone just refers to them as “Island Burgers”. People drive for miles to eat there, and locals who move away always eat there when they come home for a visit.

  68. I don’t have a favorite burger place. I don’t really eat out much but Red Robins burgers look amazing!

  69. Our favorite place to go is Red Robin it has a great atmosphere.

  70. Red Robin is my favorite because they have such a good variety of burgers, a good kid’s menu, and free refills of fries.

  71. Our favorite is Red Robin for the variety of options.

  72. Red Robin has the best burgers

  73. Clyde’s in St. Ignace, MI! Handmade right in front of you and oh so juicy and delicious. Worth the trip “Up North”.

  74. I am a huge Red Robin fan!! I love their Schroom burger, and my Husband loves their Banzai Burger!

  75. We usually go to Red Robin because the whole family likes to eat there.

  76. I love Red Robin because they carry the turkey burger which is delicious!!

  77. There is a local place here called Pawleys Front Porch that was voted the best burgers around.

  78. My favorite burger joint is my house! This gal makes an amazing burger!

  79. Never been to Red Robin’s

  80. my favorite burger joint is In n Out, I dont know why it is just awesome

  81. like going to Red Robin because they have great food.

  82. I think it is red robin because I love the veggie burger and not all burger joints don’t have veggies.

  83. best burgers in the mall

  84. I’ve only been one time to Red Robin and we loved it! Thanks for the giveaway!

  85. Red Robin has some of the best burgers I have ever had!

  86. I love red robins whisky river bbq burger

  87. My favorite burger place is The Charcoal Grill. I love every single one of their burgers and even their non burger type food.

  88. I love Red Robin and Fudruckers

  89. We have a local joint for burgers called Redcoat Tavern that is really good. However, my sister lives on the other side of town so when I visit her and we want burgers we usually do Red Robin!

  90. Love the taste of Smokey Rivers burgers.

  91. I love the mushroom burger at Red Robin because it’s loaded with mushrooms and the fry seasoning is delicious!

  92. I love Red Robin, their food is good.

  93. Red Robin is my favorite burger joint because they are a long time family tradition to have dinner with extended family and friends.

  94. I like Red Robin’s burgers and chicken sandwiches. We tend to eat there quite a bit!

  95. Woody’s burgers becuase they make everything fresh and have their own different sauce for each burger and you can see them cook! Thanks for the chance!

  96. This is the place where we as a family always celebrate special occasions. We have had birthdays, girls night out, good grades celebrations…you name it, we have had it at Red Robin!

  97. I love Red Robin. Before we moved, we were up the road from it and I loved going there. Their Chicken Sandwich (dipped in Ranch) in my favorite! And they have very good fries!

  98. Backyard Burgers has great food!

  99. I love Red Robin’s Bacon Cheese Burger with Monterey Jack Cheese. I love them because they melt in your mouth and you can customize them any way you want. I also love the bottomless fried the come with them.

  100. I love Red Robin! They have such a wide variety of burgers. I want to try Bleu Ribbon!

  101. I’ve only been once but Red Robin did have one of the best burgers I’ve ever eaten. After that probably Buns Over Texas.

  102. If we are going out for a burger Red Robin is usually our first choice. They have a good menu and endless fries.

  103. My husband loves their Royal Red Robin burger and I like their Bacon burger so Red Robin is our favorite and we go there often!

  104. I love Red Robin’s Prime Chophouse burger.

  105. I really like Red Robin because I love the Mushroom Swiss Burger..I always add blue cheese to it too! Thanks so much for hosting this giveaway!


  106. If I am going out specifically for a burger, then Red Robin is for sure the top choice.

  107. My favorite is Red Robin because of the Gourmet Cheeseburger. I love it!

  108. I really like the A1 Peppercorn Burger at Red Robin.

  109. Our favorite is a little local place called Meteor Burgers. They have great food and a classic car show once a month.

  110. We usually go to a local diner for a burger (because of the location). We’ve been to Red Robin once, and really enjoyed the burgers. Would love to go there again.

  111. I really love Red Robin burgers the best.They have unique options!

  112. My family loves burgers at Red Robin! My favorite is the Bonzai Burger!

  113. I’ve never been to Red Robin. My husband loves the burgers though and we plan to go sometime.

  114. I love red robin and there burning love burger

  115. I really like Red Robins burgers a lot. I have not been to one though in a couple of years now. I want to try their mushroom burger the most.

  116. Red Robin, of course

  117. A local shop called Toxic Wings and Fries. Their burgers arent even in the title of the shop but they are an incredible tasting menu item that should be. I love the food and the double burger with chesse and bacon rocks! The staff is cool and i go there 2 to 3 times a week.

  118. thanks for the giveaway

  119. I am a big fan of the Red Robin Gourmet Cheeseburger because who doesn’t like cheese?

  120. I like the Banzai burger.

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