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What do we do with all of that CANDY?!

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CANDY-BUY-BACKHalloween is so much fun, and kids love to dress up and show off their costumes and then they get a bag full of candy that is going to destroy their teeth! How do you as a parent protect those pearly whites without being the bad guy?

We have an idea, it is time for the 11th Annual Halloween Candy Buy Back Program, where local dentists “buy” back kids Halloween candy in exchange for product packages, cash, or other things kids want.  Halloween can be fun for everyone even our troops out in the fields overseas, they send all of the candy they “buy” back to our troops overseas!

The Halloween Candy Buy Back Program started by Dr. Chris Kammer, in 2005 and it was a way to keep excess Halloween candy off of the streets and to help kids mouths healthier.

This year the program is teaming up with Xlear Inc which is the leading producer of xylitol products and Tess Oral Health who make dental, profession, and oral hygiene products.  Together they are coming together to reach a goal nationwide of sending 100,000 toothbrushes overseas, when they get the candy packages!


We want to introduce your kids to the taste of candy sweetened by xylitol, by Xlear Inc.  This candy tastes great and is actually beneficial for your child’s health.

logo_tess02So along with collecting all of that excess candy from Halloween, we are also going to send toothbrushes to our troops!  Protecting your teeth here, while they protect and work for our country overseas!  Its a win win! Just go to this link, put in your zip code and find a local dentist participating!


2014 Buyback Stats:
401,052 lbs of candy donated, equaling over 12 million individual pieces!!

How the Buyback Works:
1. Participating offices register to be a collection point for candy donations. 3,000 nationally!!!
2. Registrations are searchable via the ZIP code search at the top right of this page! Enter your ZIP to find a buyback location near you!
3. Interested donors can call or email the practice to find out exact time/date/location of event. Because each event is held independently, we do not provide this information.
4. You drop off your candy donation for it to be shipped, by the participating office, to Van Nuys California and the Operation Gratitude headquarters.

You can buy your own xylitol candies here  These naturally-flavored candy “dots” are loved by kids and parents alike, and are available for a limited time at for $4.32.

I hope you have a Happy Halloween and I also wish you good oral health!


 photo credit: Jack o’ Lantern via photopin (license)photo credit: My Sister’s Photography – Barcelona via photopin (license)

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