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Winter Wonders Giveaway Hop! 01/16

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winter-wonders-giveaway-hopWelcome to the
Winter Wonders Giveaway Hop
from January 4-16

It may be cold outside, but winter is filled with wonders! Let us warm you up with some wonderful giveaways. After you enter my giveaway, hop to the other participating blogs listed below and enter to win a prize worth at least $25 on every blog. Good luck!


Butterfly Bangle Alloy Bracelet For Women




136 thoughts on “Winter Wonders Giveaway Hop! 01/16

  1. I am planning my wedding this year!

  2. My goals for 2016 are to pay off my student loan that was from 2005-2006 that has been in default for way too long and to enroll in school this summer or this fall. I want to get my degree in nursing.

  3. I want to find me a new home this year

  4. I really want to grow a successful garden this year! Thank you!

  5. I plan to continue to take art classes, and work to improve my art. And, of course, enjoying the process.

  6. Maybe buy a new car.

  7. We are planning a trip to disney this year!!

  8. I plan on losing some weight this year. It is overdue.

  9. I plan to be more organized

  10. We plan on moving into a new home in 2016

  11. I plan to try to learn something new like computer coding!

  12. We have an upcoming trip to visit relatives in India. There is also a possible out-of-state move if hubby gets the job he is trying for. Finally, my plan is to continue our healthy lifestyle that we, as a family, started last year. I’ve lost 1/3 of the weight, 2/3 to go.

    Thanks 🙂

  13. No great plans, just hoping to lower down my credit card debt.

  14. I plan to play with my gràndchildren as much as I can!

  15. Yes I do like getting a job

  16. I don’t. I am threading water each day with God’s grace.

  17. Honestly nothing yet

  18. To quit smoking once and for all. Thanks for the chance.
    Carol L
    Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

  19. I plan to get a job.

  20. one major plan we have this year is for our family to move out of state.

  21. I plan to spend more time with friends.

  22. I plan to drink more water and less coffee. but its harder than i thought it would be.

  23. I’m planning on trying to exercise a little more to help my body and muscles stay strong. I have rheumatoid arthritis and it’s beating my body very hard.

  24. I plan to find a job.

  25. I really don’t have any plans other than to work and spend time with my family.

  26. I plan to eat healthier, exercise more and maybe drink less wine 🙂

  27. I’ll be welcoming my 3rd grandchild just in time for my 50th birthday.

  28. Our plans are to pay off debts in 2016

  29. I don’t know if it’s great or not, lol, but I’m going to clean out my storage shed that I’ve had for over 20 years 🙂

  30. My great plans for 2016 are to get back to Traveling, which is my passion.

  31. hopefully a new home

  32. Hoping to finish off my college program.

  33. A trip to San Diego later this year

  34. I have plans to take better care of myself and getting lots more rest.

  35. My number one plan is to stick to a budget and pay off some credit cards

  36. My plans until it happens is bringing my husband to Canada.

  37. The only plans we have so far are to redo the bathrooms.

  38. Our baby girl is due Feb 7!

  39. No “great plans”…well, actually i hope we will make a trip to somewhere on the Atlantic Ocean…I’ve never seen an ocean! Thanks and God bless! ILuvTheEucharist (at)

  40. We hope to sell our house and get a smaller one.

  41. No, I don’t have any great plans for 2016

  42. I would like to find a better apartment this year.

  43. No special plans

  44. My plans so far is to be become a beauty blogger. I’d like to give it a try. You never know if your going to be successful at something unless you try…

    1. Good Luck! Get in touch if I can help in any way

  45. The most exciting thing in our plans is welcoming my deployed husband home in a few weeks!

  46. I have no special plans for 2016.

  47. Our first born is due in the New Year!

  48. just to be as good as i can be to myself

  49. No big plans, I just want to spend time with my grandson.

  50. We are going to try and buy a house this year.

    1. how fun!

  51. I don’t have any real plans other than moving around more and getting a job.

  52. We are building our dream house

  53. My greatest plan for 2016 is to become a grandma for the first time.

  54. I plan to eat better and take better care of my health. And try to understand people and their ways that are different than mine, Better. So far So Good

  55. That bracelet is beautiful!! I plan to continue writing, crafting and helping my husband to go further in his new business venture.

  56. I do not really have any great plans.

  57. No big plans for this year. Just trying to stay healthy and happy!

  58. My only plan is to get my repairs done or at least partly done to my house. We got a good start this past year.

  59. no big plans I’m planning on painting the bedrooms this summer

  60. I will be graduating in the spring, hopefully.

  61. My only real plan is to redo my daughters bedroom this year. She’s going to be a teen and the Fluffy clouds and green hills are a little outdated.

  62. I don’t have any big plans yet but i’m sure i’ll come up with something.

  63. I want to get a lightweight motorized wheelchair/scooter so I won’t hnder my family when we go to Charleston this year.

  64. Ok, this is the second time I’m writing this so I guess I mean it! I’m going to start my children’s book this year and write a self help book. 🙂

  65. I’d love to take my kiddos, ages 4 & 5, to their first beach vacation in 2016!!! 🙂

  66. We’ll make a trek to Disney in the summer with all of the money we save by eating at home!

  67. I’m currently pregnant, and will be having my second lil one in May!

  68. Don’t have any great plans yet, but hopeful it will be a good year.

  69. i am losing weight and lost allready over 100 kept off only 30 more and then we are going to walk more than 7 mil a day

  70. I have no great plans for 2016, other than to spend wonderful time with my family.

  71. Our plans are to spend as much time as we can with our 2 wonderful grandsons!

  72. I wanna try to eat healthier and walk more on the treadmill.

  73. I need to lose a lot of weight so I am focusing on that.

  74. My great plams include lots of love, lots of friendship and lots and lots of fun

  75. To buy a house this year!

  76. Potty training and school for 1st child starting wanting to join pta for time 🙂

  77. We are planning to go to Myrtle Beach for a month this year.

  78. My great plan for 2016 is to finally take a long vacation. My husband and I are planning a two week adventure.

  79. Get my license and car, pay off my cable, and learn blog design.

  80. No great plans, just living a healthier lifestyle.

  81. Going with the family and taking the granddaughter to Myrtle Beach for the first time.

  82. Visit new places with my family, keep up with my exercise health eating routine, get organized

  83. We’re moving to the country! Definitely an exciting change.

  84. I am trying to not sweat the small stuff in 2016. My only plan so far is a family trip to Jamaica in march.

  85. I want to get healthier…

  86. We have a very exciting year ahead of us, my significant other and I are starting our own business… I can’t wait!

  87. We would like to move to a new house.

  88. My great plans for 2016 include continue to not drink sodas (still fall back on it at times) try to introduce more gluten free food s to hubby who is set in his southern eating habits of meat potatoes and bread with all meals and enjoy life as it is, only live once need to make the most of it.

  89. I would like to get a bigger apartment this year.

  90. I plan to go to Biloxi and take in some shows.

  91. Not anything specific, just know 2016 is going to be my best year yet!

  92. We as a family are going to be healthier & more active.

  93. No plans at all for 2016 right now.

  94. I want to lose some weight and go out walking more with my 3 dogs.

  95. My 40th high school reunion too trip too Sydney Australia can not wait.

  96. There’s a big wedding in the family, can’t wait!!!!

  97. No, I don’t have any major plans for 2016

  98. Going on a. family trip in June.

  99. My oldest daughter and I will be in the very beginning stages of planning her wedding, she just got enganed and will be getting married in 2017. On that same note, I’ll be losing weight and getting into shape so I’m not panicking last minute before shopping for my dress. lol

    1. My son is getting married in November so I feel you! Congrats!

  100. Our great plan this year is to try to have a baby.

    1. OH How awesome!

  101. Well we just got a new puppy on New year’s Eve so I’m sure we’ll be busy, busy.

  102. Plan to go to beach this summer with my family 🙂

  103. I want to finish writing my book!

  104. No, I don’t have any big plans. i want to pay off some bills,go to some fun places with my husband and get some home repairs done.

  105. I plan on doing a lot to the house. We are going to add a new roof, finish the siding and replace two ceilings.

    kelly tupick

  106. One of my daughters is getting married.

    1. Congrats! Lots of weddings this year!

  107. We have big plans to get out there and do something plans. lol We plan on going on a trip to Estates Park, CO sometime this late spring.

  108. I have several home remodeling plans for this year.
    Mary Beth Elderton

  109. I have a few p;ans, try to learn to sew and to learn Latin and a few other languages. I will continue learning sign language and workout with Marie Osmond’s Body Gym.

  110. my plan is taking a road trip this summer to Wisconsin

  111. My plan is to get back my life! I’m recovering from back surgery and I now want to be active again.

  112. I plan on taking a family trip. I’m thinking a cabin rental on a lake somewhere.

  113. I don’t have anything big planned.

  114. I’m planning to visit Disney World some time this year.

  115. I really don’t have any plans right now for 2016, but to try and eat better and take care of my self health wise.

    Judy Cox

  116. Spending quality time with the one’s that are close to me.

  117. My great plan is to finish my kitchen remodel.

  118. no particular plans for 2016 yet. may try to do some home renovations

  119. Nothing special this year, just college and taking care of my dog 🙂

  120. Nothing too exciting, but hoping to transition to completely working from home!

  121. We are planning a family trip to Texas this summer.

  122. I don’t have any great plans yet but I hope it is going to be a great year!

  123. I just hope to live a healthy and happy 2016

  124. Your instagram link in the giveaway form doesn’t go to your instagram page.

  125. I don’t have any big plans yet, but I’m hoping to plan some exciting travel!

  126. I’m looking forward to our big family reunion this summer! Can’t wait!

  127. I do not have any specific plans for 2016 except to enjoy every moment possible.
    Shelia S

  128. I plan to help my daughter move back to Georgia from Nevada.

  129. My great plan is to try to improve my eating and exercise habits.

  130. I plan on traveling to Italy for my 60th birthday

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