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Making Sense of Bluetooth Headphones

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I remember when i was a young girl and music was so ultimately important to me.  I used to walk around with huge ear phones and a walkman that played cassette tapes, at the time we had one option and those were the ones that came with them.  It was not like now day s when you have a full aisle in  most stores dedicated to them, and a quick search on just about any website that carries electronics brings you thousands of different options.

Totu has asked me to review a couple of different pairs of headphones for them and I was surprisingly stunned at how different each pair were.

Differences in battery life, bass sounds the treble that brings the music to life are all very different depending on which pair of headphones that you listen to.


I love these headphone, they are the Wireless Sports Headphones and they are just perfect right out of the box.  The microphone was the first thing that impressed me as I was able to use them for a call right away and had no issue having the other person hear me.  Sometimes other microphones pick up too much background noise and these had no problem.
They had a bit of a charge and I always like to run my batteries empty and recharge all the way when I first get something rechargeable.  I set them up to my phone and synced them and went about my housework and everything else I had going on that day.  No matter what I did sweating, being in a steamy bathroom they stayed in my ears comfortably and they did not seem to be affected by the moisture.  The sound was incredible and they had a heavy bass on them.  I found this pretty good for most music that I listen too.

I love these particular Totu headphones because they sound so great when they are really loud!  You all know how it is when you just have certain music that you want to listen to loudly.  They have a very deep bass, no noise or cutting out in the background, a clear treble and are probably the loudest headset I have used before.

I love to have these on when I am watching a movie or video, they break away the noises from everyone and every thing around me and allow me to clearly hear what I am trying to watch.

I found these Totu headphones to be so comfortable I could wear them for an extended time without issues of slipping or moving out of my ears.

Both of these Totu ear bud headphones are great and honestly if you only bought one pair they both would be more than sufficient for most uses.   I love that all of the Totu headphones have been comfortable, with great sound and long lasting batteries. You can’t go wrong with either of these.


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  1. Would love to give these a try. They look comfortable.

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