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Do not compromise convenience for safety!

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Using a booster seat for kids under 8 is so important, and I know that a lot of kids don’t want to use them, and they are probably feeling like they are too old or too big to use them, this is one of the reasons that I love the Bubble Bum Inflatable Booster seat. It is small enough that even older kids do not feel like they are in a baby seat.

We got the bright pink one with stripes and it is really cute.  I appreciated so much the belt positioner on the sides of the seat so that I always know that it is right and they are safe.


We often go places with friends and it is a pain to have to move their big car seat for a quick trip to the store, but I will absolutely not ever take kids in a car without a safety seat. It is not worth it and knowing that most accidents happen when you are close to home I think it is even more important to make sure kids are ALWAYS protected.

The great news is that with the Bubble Bum Inflatable Booster Seat you never have to worry about the inconvenience of not having a car seat or not having a back seat big enough.  This booster will fit in any car, and will work correctly to protect your child as long as it has a properly operating seat belt.

DSC_6496-600x600Most people do not think that this is a safe option because it is inflatable but, I have done research on this seat and many organizations that test car seats have given this booster seat very high marks.  It has won the Best Bet Award from the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety.   The price point on this seat is only $29.99 there is really no excuse for not using a booster seat for your older kids.

You can find the Bubble Bum inflatable Booster Seat on their website here.

BubbleBum, best seller and parents’ favorite,winner of more than 20 design and innovation awards including Mumsnet, Mother & Baby and Practical Parenting. The portable, lightweight, inflatable car booster seat for children aged between 4-11 easily deflates and packs away,making it perfect for vacations, rental cars, taxis, coach journeys, school trips or carpooling.

  • portable & lightweight
  • inflatable & re-useable
  • inflates by mouth – taking less than 20 seconds to inflate
  • folds flat
  • packs away into its very own stretchy bag
  • comfortable & colorful
  • affordable
  • with added belt positioning clip for extra comfort

Check out Bubble Bum on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest and learn about all of the products that make for safety and comfort for your kids.


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