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Making bottles just got easier!

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I remember when my boys were small and we made bottles for them we always used liquid formula, and even though it was expensive it was the best and most reliable way to know that our baby was getting properly diluted and whole nutrition. Most other moms I knew used powder formula but, it always looked chunky to me, not like regular milk.  The new Twistshake® bottle has changed all that I knew about making formula.

When Destini was born and came home at two days old she was a preemie so we had to use only liquid formula with her for a while as well.  I did not ever think too much about using powdered formula.

My son (Destini’s dad) was pretty young and he applied for WIC for her and was approved, which was very helpful for him and the baby as he learned a lot about baby nutrition and making sure that she ate right.  Well, with WIC they give you powdered formula, UGH now I had to figure it out, because we could not afford to just not use it.  We scooped and shook, and stirred with a knife and bought one of those little tiny whisk things that go inside of bottles and none of it worked well, it was a struggle every single time.  I finally went to making it in a pitcher by the quart and it seemed to be better but, not as convenient while going anywhere. I know a ton of parents had and still have this same issue.  bottlesdescription

Twistshake bottles are finally here to help all of those parents, this idea came to a young girl while babysitting her cousin and it wasn’t until years later that she finally designed this perfect bottle.  This bottle contains a mixer net that actually dissolves clumps in your baby’s formula.  When you are getting ready to go somewhere with baby, they have these great practical portion sized containers, that makes it is and ready to use.

purple bottles

The Twistshake® bottles come in a variety of sizes and with accessories

When they sent this bottle I was blown away, not only by its ability to solve the problem that parents are having all over, but at the simplicity of the solution.  Why has no other bottle manufacturer come up with this solution? It is simply brilliant.  I was so thrilled to use this bottle and show everyone I could it was just a great idea. It really solved the formula chunky problem.multi pack bottles

If you buy bottles in multiples you save 10% directly from Twistshake®


I love the Twistshake bottles colors too, they are bright and vibrant and really a far cry from the boring pale nursery prints on bottles that I have seen.  The measuring label is bright, big and clear, that was so helpful to me, I don’t see as well as I used to and trying to see an imprint on a bottle is very difficult.

bottles nipple

They did not stop at the mixing of formula, great printing on the side and bright colors, they took it to the next step to design a great nipple to go with this bottle.  You mix it, you shake it and you are ready to feed your baby with a wide based nipple that is anti-colic, has a breast like shape and a flexible nipple that behaves like a breast.  This makes the nipple more like breastfeeding for your baby and they do not have to change the natural way that they suckle and eat.  bottles twistflow

TwistFlow is a unique innovation from Twistshake. The system is developed to prevent baby colic and to help stop the flow of the of the formula.  When you have clumps of formula they can clog the nipple and make it stop flowing.  The mixer net dissolves the powder and greatly reduces the risk of clogging. The sensitive vault in the nipple also ventilate the bottle and prevents the creation of a vacuum. This helps reduce colic. It also makes sure the flow is even.

I love this bottle so much! If you are a parent or a grandparent or even just expecting right now, I highly recommend taking a look at these bottles.  You can see them and read everything about the advantages to using them on their website, or follow on Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook and see the news of them in real-time!!

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