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Peeps-a-licious! Cookbook

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Peeps-LogoDo you love PEEPS? My husband is a huge PEEPS fan and every time they come out with new ones we are buying up all he can find it is sometimes a little crazy, but he thinks they are the best candy that is out there!

I had never thought to make anything out of PEEPS besides Easter Baskets, until I saw this awesome book called Peeps-a-licious, this features 50 recipes  that are PEEPS inspired from some favorite food bloggers.  I had no idea there were so many things you could do with a PEEP.


There are Easter, Christmas, Valentines, and even Thanksgiving recipes for you to try your hand at baking and cooking with PEEPS!  There are also lots of PEEP styled cupcakes, pops, cookies, cakes, brownies and more.  I am looking forward to making the No-Bake Lemon PEEPS cake, as those are two of my husbands favorite flavors.


This 128 page full color dessert cook book has simple and complex recipes for just about any occasion you can think of.  If you love PEEPS or like me have a PEEP lover in your house this is something you are going to want to get and hang on to.










Just Born, Inc. is a family-owned candy manufacturer that has been in business since 1923. Just Born is the manufacturer of PEEPS, MIKE AND IKE, HOT TAMALES, GOLDENBERG’S PEANUT CHEWS, TEENEE BEANEE Gourmet Jelly Beans, and JUST BORN Jelly Beans.

Just Born acquired the Rodda Candy Company of Lancaster, PA, in 1953. As a result of the acquisition, the PEEPS Chick was “hatched”! What once took 27 hours to make by hand with a pastry tube was cut down to a 6-minute process through mechanization created by Bob Born, son of founder Sam Born. On average, more than 5 million PEEPS marshmallow confections are made every day in the USA. For over 60 years, PEEPS has traditionally been an iconic brand found in Easter baskets everywhere. Today, PEEPS Brand marshmallows can be found in a variety of colors, shapes, flavors, and sizes and for all seasons.

9 thoughts on “Peeps-a-licious! Cookbook

  1. Now here is something my entire family can get into! We absolutely love whenever they have new, exclusive varieties of Peeps treats for holidays around the year. The chocolate ones are great!

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