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Snu:mee Its time for a new Baby Monitor!

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snumee--Praxistest_enI was completely surprised when they came out with monitors where you could actually see your baby on a video monitor.  My babies grew up where we left the window open so we could hear them outside.  Now I am just blown away by this new baby monitor called a snu:mee.

This monitor allows you to see and hear and even talk to your baby while you are away in another part of the house but, it is so much more.  First things first it is so cute and cuddly, nothing like you have seen in the boring white monitors of yesteryear.


Isn’t it time for a monitor to look like this?!

It is amazing to hear rock and pop music put to a xylophone and how beautiful it sounds for your baby to listen to.  You can go to this link and here a sampling of the music that you can play from the snu:mee as lullabies to relax and put them to sleep.  Somewhere Over The Rainbow and Dream a Little Dream of Me are two of my favorites that are going to be playing constantly.  They even have a whole album of songs from Coldplay.

Look at the different cuddly covers!

I just adore that there is finally a monitor that looks cute and does other things.  It is amazing to me that nobody had thought of it before and the songs are all soothing and so beautiful sounding.  It would be pretty simple for me to fall fast asleep with this playing for sure and I am sure that it would soothe any baby.

The snu:mee also plays stories that you can download from any computer as MP3 files and it will play back for older kids to have a story before bed or to just listen to and relax.  As your child gets older you can also put different MP3 music on it for them to listen to.

IMG_3202 (1)

The back is where the speaker is!

The time has come for a new baby monitor in the market and it has come to make this a reality in many homes.  Change sometimes is a great thing and I think this particular baby monitor is one of those things that I am so glad is changing for the better.  snu:meee has gone to great lengths to make this a monitor that is going to last long after you need a monitor.


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