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Trouva brings a great feeling lotion and so much more!

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One of the things that i love about the internet is the ability to shop in little stores and boutiques that I would probably never know about if it wasn’t for their online presence.  Trouva is one of those many stores that I am so glad I have found.  They have a selection of the UK’s best independent boutiques where you can find unique home goods and lifestyle products.

Trouva has recently brought the skincare line of Meraki into their fold and I am so glad that they did.  The folks as Trouva sent me some awesome silky mist Body Lotion from Meraki, and I was in love at first application.

The body lotion is light and free flowing and makes your skin feel like silk.  I get tired of using thick and almost paste like body lotions, they are heavy and take forever to rub into your skin, I also do not like the feeling on my skin right before bed. With the Meraki lotion it was light enough to not feel like a glove over my skin and still give me the moisture that I needed.z4y79xu0slj27aofoby0

It feels as nice as it looks!

Meraki says of its products, “The range is made in a creative environment, inspired by Scandinavian aesthetics and with love for nature’s treasury.”  It just sounds delicious!

The scent is light and almost citrusy but not overly so, the pump that it comes with delivers just the right amount of lotion for a good application. It is so silky smooth and works so well at keeping my skin full of moisture, supple and smooth.

I love that I can get this lotion directly from Trouva and also be able to find quite a few other products while shopping their special platform of one web store for many boutiques.  You can find home goods, women an kids products, great gifts, and even some wonderful products for the men in your life.

I know for me when I go to a birthday party or shower it often feels like everyone brings basically the same gifts, with Trouva at my fingertips I can always bring something different and unexpected.  Meraki has so many products in their line that can be used for gifts.55964aac430a3-mkhc222-image2---1435912876-Nv3732_2.jpg_13_grande

Meraki offers everything from make up bags, nail brushes, body scrubs and even dish soap and candles.  It has your whole home covered in a high quality product that will keep you coming back for more.

Check out the whole Meraki line as well as all of the wondrous things available at Trouva their website and follow them on social media to keep up with all of the latest exciting products!







1 thought on “Trouva brings a great feeling lotion and so much more!

  1. I need a good lotion for dry summer skin. This product sounds good and I’ll be looking for it.

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