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The Best and Easiest Way to Take Your Vitamins!

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Do you take vitamins every day? How many times a week do you forget or put it off because its just a hassle? I used to do that all the time and then I found the neatest product ever!

vitafive Vitamins are gummy vitamins that are packaged for you to take every day! Everything you need is right in the pack, all you have to do is remember to put them in your purse or bag and you have them with you whereever you are.  It is so much easier to remember!

I used to hate having to open all of the bottles put everything that I needed in daily holders and then having to put it all away only to then just have to do it again in 7 days.  Many times I did not even get to take my vitamins because the container would then fall open and my vitamins would be all over the bottom of my purse.  These come in individual packages that I open when I am ready to take them.

At vitafive they have different packs for different needs, some have biotin for hair and skin, some have meletonin for sleep problems, and still others have CoQ10 for heart health.  Kids packs and adult packs are available and every package in the box has your name on it.  No confusion, no way anyone is taking the wrong ones, and convience at its finest!

So, maybe you are saying do I even need vitamins? I used to ask this question as well, but I have done some research and even if you eat healthy it is very difficult to get all of your nutrients every single day through just foods.  Everyone should be taking at least a multivitamin.

I love that the vitafive vitamins are produced in California and sourced  99% in America, yet some vitamins are better sourced in other areas around the world, and they take note of that and do so accordingly.  They also are free from the major 8 allergens (Milk, Eggs, Fish, Crustacean Shellfish, Tree Nuts, Peanuts, Wheat, Soy), so you do not have to worry about that at all.

I usually do not have an issue swallowing pills, but I do enjoy the flavor of the gummies and it does make it easier to be able to take them even if I don’t have water nearby.

When I first started taking vitamins it was hard to know how many of each I needed, and now it is so easy, vitafive just puts them all in the pack and I am ready to go! It so much easier and I know it is just what I need every day!

The gummies are approved and health packs are formulated by our expert dietitian. Combined with diet & exercise, our customizable & personalized vitamin subscription will keep your body healthy and your mind sharp.

Vitamins have been taken the same way for the last few decades, now there is no more stuffed cabinets with jars filled with smelly pills. At Vitafive, the goal is to allow you to take your vitamins in the most convenient and personalized way possible.

If you have a hard time remembering or you are just too busy to keep it all going, you are especially going to benefit from these vitamins.  Are you ready to check them out for you and your family?  If you use code “julie30” (all lowercase) you can  enjoy 30% off your first month!

There is no reason not to take your vitamins when you have vitafive with you!