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Crazy Dog “Beau” Tries Out #PetcoGrooming

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This blog post is part of a paid Megan Media and Petco Grooming blogging program. The opinions and ideas expressed here are my own.

NEW-LOGO-Petco_Horizontal_Tag_c-588x152Do you have little dogs? I have two dogs: Bella, a big dog that is almost 100 pounds, and Beau, aka “Crazy Dog,” a little dog that we rescued at the pound about a year ago. Bella is pretty lazy. She doesn’t get into much. But Beau, let me tell you, at 12 pounds, makes a mess of everything, including himself! We’ve had to wipe him down daily since we got him. He is low to the ground and gets dirty fast. He chases the kids and Bella everywhere, plays under the beds and constantly finds his way into things. When I first brought him home, I used to let him sleep in bed with me, but has since lost his spot in the big bed.dirtydog

Look at this dirty dog!

As you can imagine, I was so excited when Petco asked if I would take Beau to be groomed and check out their services. He was finally going to get a good bath! I called to make an appointment with a Petco Certified Stylist, and they were able to take us the very next day. I showed up 15 minutes early so we would have time to fill out paperwork and figure out what services he needed.

I loved how friendly the Petco Stylists were! They constantly talked to Beau so that even before I left, he was more comfortable in his new setting, and I know this made his experience less nerve wracking. We also had to give the groomers his shot record, as Petco Grooming requires all animals being groomed to be up to date on their shots, which I liked. I would not leave my dogs anywhere they could get sick.IMG_3850

He is so white now, it glares off of the camera!

Going into his grooming session, Crazy Dog was near the color of dirt. Here in Southern California, we don’t water anything. All of our grass areas are dirt, and Beau just loves to roll around, bite at and dig in them. Because he is a doxie mix, Beau is smooth-coated and doesn’t need to have his hair cut, but obviously needs to be bathed!
The Petco groomers asked all kinds of questions about Beau, and we decided on a flea bath followed by a conditioner for his coat, ear cleaning and an anal gland cleaning (Thank God someone does this for me!). He got his his nails clipped; they were out of control!beautongue

So Clean and Sooo very happy!

I left Crazy Dog at Petco and went home while he was being groomed. They called three hours later and said he was ready. When I got there, the groomers had written on Beau’s card that he had been a little nervous during the bath, but that he did give kisses! AWE!! The most amazing thing though is I now have a white and tan dog! I have not seem him this white in a long time. He looks fantastic! They brushed his teeth, gave him his bath, cleaned his ears and brushed out his coat. The entire experience was great! The groomer even took a picture of him in the bath!


Splish Splash he was taking a bath!

I felt like family at Petco Grooming. It was so nice to be treated that way, and I will be taking him back in about two weeks to at least get his nails done. But knowing Beau, he will probably need a good bath by that time, too! If you have not had your dog groomed before or it is has been a while, you should definitely check out Petco Grooming. You will love it like we did! You might even be able to go for free! You can enter to win one of two $50 Petco gift cards by sharing and commenting on this blog post. Have a Crazy Dog like Beau? Or a calmer one like Bella? What’s it like to get them groomed? Any tips or advice or funny stories? Let’s hear them!
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15 thoughts on “Crazy Dog “Beau” Tries Out #PetcoGrooming

  1. Dexter likes to kick dirt in our backyard and when it’s rained recently he launches mud all over himself and sometimes us!

  2. OK, this was maybe only funny after the fact. Leaving the vet’s office with the larger dog wearing the dreaded cone I was juggling stuff and answering the phone (so I have no idea how this even happened) and the little dog pooped IN the larger dog’s cone. It was a disaster. We had to go back inside to clean up and get a new cone.

    1. Oh my gracious!! That had to have been a crazy day!

  3. If it rains enough to make a mud puddle in our huge backyard, I promise you, Gemini will run straight to it, through it, and collect as much of it as he can. I have to keep doggy towels in the utility room to wipe him down. Of course he knows the drill, so he is very good about lifting his paws one at a time to get them wiped down. And he’s very good about getting into the tub for his bath when it comes to that. Now, if only I could teach him to shake BEFORE he gets out of the tub. lol

  4. I have 3 cats that love to shed all over the place.

  5. Charlie is a cocker spaniel who loves mud puddles. We know all about messes here.

  6. My white dog got into the garbage where I had just thrown out marinara sauce. It looked like a crime scene when I got home.

  7. Our cats would not put up with being groomed, though I do manage to brush them from time to time.

  8. Where to begin with my dog and her messes…. We have seen everything from rolling around on a dead skunk to mud puddles, to the time she had a “stomach bug” and decided to wear that as well. I am glad she finally has a love of bath time!! That was the hardest thing trying to get her groomed before, because she would bolt. Now she knows we are only trying to help get her clean and not trying to punish her!! I am sure the messes will continue with our dog Sugar. Everyday is a new adventure!!

  9. We have 3 dogs who love to roll in smelly things. One time it was a dead mouse 🙁

  10. hello 🙂 i have one of each, my chi penny doesnt mind baths, she’s 2. my new puppy cash, half chi half shih tzu thinks it’s the end of the world, everytime! 🙂 Im thinking he will eventually get used to them though. thanks for the cool giveaway!

  11. Duke loves to dig in the dirt. He has so much undercoat that the dirt gets in and stays.

  12. Looks like he came out clean and happy

  13. My dogs are all pretty good for bathing, but it’s easier to do the biggest one at those “self wash” dog places. Thanks!

  14. Count me in!!

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