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Are your kids really ready for Back to School?

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Sometimes we take for granted that things are happening the way we want and expect them to.  I have learned that this can be a very costly mistake in many ways and one of the most important things I have learned is to never assume things are going well with your kids.  You can always find a way to figure out what is really going on.


Sevenhugs is a company that I have been so excited about telling everyone about, because they care about your kids and what is going on with them at one of the most important times of the day, while they are sleeping.

Poor sleep can lead to so many problems with kids and if your kids are anything like mine when I ask them how did they sleep I always get the same answer, good!  I am here to tell you from experience that is not always the case.  Did you know that 30 minutes of extra sleep can mean higher grades? There was a study that showed students who low grades averaged 25-30 minutes less sleep per weeknight than their higher-scoring classmates!


Seven hugs whole family sleep monitor is a simple and easy way for you to track your child’s sleep, and we all know that without proper sleep, they are not ready to go to school and learn all that they need to.  It is so important for their minds and bodies to get good quality sleep and enough hours.  The HugOne monitor that helps to ensure your whole family sleeps better and that

1464781628.3681-41There is a tiny transmitter that goes on each bed and a centralized hub that actually glows when it is bed time. It also monitors the indoor air quality, temperature, and humidity all of which are important to the quality of sleep you get.

I know for us at back to school time, bed time and waking up time is something that seems to take a lot of time to get back into the swing of. With the HugOne monitor, you are always on track and your kids will be ready to get back to school with no problems or transitions. Children with irregular sleep times are 6 times more likely to display hyperactive behaviors, isn’t that amazing?!

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I do not think that enough importance is put on the quality and quantity of sleep for everyone, and children especially are feeling the effects of that.  With HugOne you can even download an app for your iPhone and hook it up to smart bulbs in your house so that everything is controlled without even a second thought.

If you are ready to send your kids back to school aren’t you ready to make sure that they go back well rested and ready to learn? Check out SevenHugs and the HugOne monitor at their website HERE and learn what it can do to improve your family’s sleep!

I partnered with the brand to write this article but every word is mine

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