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Buying Gift Cards for Holiday Gifts Bonus plus $75 Amazon Giveaway! #SFWYJFY

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This is a sponsored post however, all opinions are my own!


I love giving gifts for the holidays, finding the perfect gift for someone I love is such a joy for me!  I have an aunt however, that is just not a very good shopper, she is always just not sure what someone would want or need, so she buys gift cards for their favorite stores.  It works for her and for the people she buys for.

Her biggest problem now is that she uses a cane and has a hard time getting around, so going around to different stores.  I was so thrilled when I heard about the bonus that Safeway was having this year when you bought Visa Gift Cards.  She can go and get her groceries and buy the gift cards that can be used anywhere all in one place.  Very convenient and so much easier on her.


The wonderful Just For You offer is purchase $150 dollars in Visa Gift Cards and you get $10 off! that is a whole Christmas present you can give extra! I love that, anything to help me give more for the holidays is a bonus in my book! You can also double dip on rewards by using your rewards credit card to purchase gift cards at Safeway!


I was also really thinking about this promotion this morning before I sat down to tell you all about it.  How about when you buy your Visa Gift Cards at Safeway you put the 10 bucks in your savings account, and start saving for next Christmas or use the $10 to give to a wonderful charity, so many ideas.

You can find your local Safeway here, and make sure you get your holiday meal fixings at the same time, no use going twice to the market!


This offer is good starting December 4 and run through December 17, so you have to hurry.  There is nothing I love more than a great deal and this is a win/win for everyone!

Now for the best part, Safeway is also offering a giveaway where you can win $75 Gift Card to Amazon, all you have to do is enter the giveaway below!  Good Luck!



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