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How to Save Money on Your Next Big Appliance Purchase

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How To Save Money On Your Next Big Appliance Purchase

There could be a few different reasons your family needs new appliances. Maybe one of your appliances stopped working, and repairs aren’t an option. Perhaps you’re giving your family kitchen a facelift and want modern appliances to complete the project, or maybe you want to update your appliances to improve the resale value of your home.

Regardless of your reasons for wanting new appliances, they’re undoubtedly a big purchase and quite expensive.

If you’re a mom who likes to stay on a budget, how do you save money when you buy appliances?


Scratch and Dent Models

For all of those budget-conscious families who still want top-of-the-line appliances without paying a premium, scratch and dent models are an excellent option. You can visit almost any store that sells appliances, and they’re going to have models that have small imperfections, dings, and dents, but they’ll be significantly cheaper.

In most cases, the flaws are barely noticeable, but you can still get a huge discount.

Shop Online

You might automatically think you have to visit a store showroom to choose appliances, but you can find some of the best deals if you shop online. In addition to having more choices in terms of retailers, if you do a little research you can also find options such as promo codes and Flipkart coupons which will give you even more savings opportunities.

You can even buy appliances on a site like Amazon, and they have excellent “open box” deals.


If you talk to local appliance retailers in your area, you might find that they offer trade-in deals. The concept is similar to trading in an older car for a newer one, and it can save you some money. As an added bonus, you’re getting rid of your old appliances with limited hassle on your part.

Look for Estate or Moving Sales

Estate and moving sales can be an excellent opportunity to find relatively new appliances for a fraction of what they would cost in a store. It may take some time to find really good models, but it’s possible. A standard yard sale might not have the best options, but if you find an actual estate or moving sales, you’re likely to come across great options.

Don’t Be Afraid To Negotiate

There tends to be this feeling that if you’re visiting a regular retailer, there’s no room to haggle or negotiate, but this isn’t true. Most retailers and floor salespeople are more than willing to make a deal. You might be able to get the price lower on a single appliance, or you could also negotiate a package deal if you buy several appliances at once.

Buy Right After a New Model Comes Out

Finally, if you have your eye on a particular brand or model, do some research and find out when the next model will be coming out. Time your purchase so that you’re buying around that time. The model you want will likely be significantly cheaper, although it will be hardly any older than the new model.


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