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Update your Photo Decor with FractureMe

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I love having my grandkids pictures taken.  I just think that they change so quickly and capturing what they look like at any given age is important.  Until they reach school age, it is left to us to take them for professional photos.

I recently had some Valentine’s photos taken of the girls and with Delilah now 5 months and Destini 5 it was great to have new pictures of them.

My problem comes in when I want to display them.  I have pictures of all three of my grandkids from birth until the present day, finding frames that continue to match to display in my home is difficult.  Fracture has changed all of that for me!

Look how gorgeous they are!

Fracture was founded around a simple idea and that is, there is a better way to print and display your precious photos in your home.  They are so different from anything that I have seen before.

The name Fracture comes from a play on words of Frame and Picture mashed together.

Instead of printing the pictures onto paper and then taking that to find a frame and then putting it on your wall, Fracture prints directly on glass.  The result of this is phenomenal.

The photos are crisp, colorful, glossy and have a mount already integrated, you simply attach to your wall the screw that is supplied and hang your beautiful, lasting, Fracture up on the wall. One shot and done! You can also get stands to hold your Fracture prints on a desk or table.

No mounts, mats, frames, separate pictures it is all in one, truly a remarkable technology that I love.

I simply downloaded the pictures from our photographer’s website, uploaded it onto the Fracture website and in about a week my prints arrived. I just fell in love instantly with the gorgeous Fracture prints they sent me.








These are just amazing!


This would be great for wedding photos, simple snapshots, school photos, newborn photos, even family photos would be fabulous in this form.

They make every Fracture by hand, in Gainesville, FL. Every image is checked for quality and then sent out in safe, environmentally-friendly packaging. Every Fracture comes with a Happiness Guarantee and Lifetime Warranty.

You do not want to let this pass you by, I think if you tried one of your favorite photos as a Fracture you are going to feel the same way about them.  Check out their website, and make sure you follow them on their social media channels to stay up to date on sales and new products.





22 thoughts on “Update your Photo Decor with FractureMe

  1. this sounds like such a great product in my home

  2. My husband been wanting me to do blow up a picture of him training a horse, thanks for the review, his birthday is coming up and I think I will do this for him.

  3. The look of these photos on glass is spectacular. They would make a perfect gift for anybody.

  4. I have heard of etching pictures on glass but not printing them on it! The glass would make the colors brighter and crisper! I love the guarantee on their products! This would make a great gift and keepsake! Thanks for sharing!

  5. This would make a wonderful gift for a loved one!

  6. I love this idea, so professional and eye-grabbing.

  7. I had no idea this was done on glass. The video was great.

  8. I LOVE the depth that these pictures have by being printed on glass!! Super pretty!!

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