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Lark Adventurewear Moisture Wicking Baby Clothing

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It is the height of summer here in Southern California and it has been at least 90 degrees every day, for the past month and I have to say we have all been really hot and cranky!

There are so many products out for adults that are cool to wear and will wick moisture away as we sweat, which prevents us from being over heated.  Until now there was nothing available for babies however and they have to be just as hot if not hotter than we are in this heat.

Lark Adventurewear is here as the first brand of clothing for babies that wicks moisture from them to help keep them cool and comfortable no matter what they are doing.  The fabric they use in their clothing is Eco-friendly 60% cotton/40% bamboo fabric (Oeko-tex 100 Certified), Natural breathable wicking fabric that keeps little ones cool, has no chemicals or synthetic fabrics and is made in the USA!

I have reviewed a lot of baby clothes in the past and I have to say these feel very different from anything I have seen or felt before. The fabric is soft and pliable and feels incredible against your skin.

Delilah at 11 months old sweats as much as her father, she is just one of those hot-blooded little ones that sweats way too much.  We often resort to just a diaper, but she needs some clothing on when we go out.  The Lark Adventurewear is perfect for baby wearing or for pushing her about in a stroller.

We have noticed that when she wears the bodysuit to bed she does not wake in the middle of the night like before and we directly attribute that to her not being overheated.  Babies need to be comfortable to sleep soundly and these outfits really seem to make a difference.

Check out all of the awesome styles at the Lark Adventurewear Website and be sure to follow on their social media channels to keep up on the new styles and specials they introduce.  If you have a hot baby these are a must have!






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  1. Cutie! That orange is definitely her color.

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