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Petite Stitchery New Sweater Lulu

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I was so excited to get to test another pattern for Petite Stitchery.  I was a little intimidated as it was a sweater and I was not real sure I would even have a use for one this season.

I found a great lightweight sweater knit at my local JoAnn store and decided to make a short sleeve version that really turned out awesome.

Here in Southern California we are cold enough for sweaters about 1 week a year and this year it is supposed to be about 90 degrees on Thanksgiving, so I am expecting even less time.  Being a plus sized woman also makes me not really love the sweater look, but the LuLu really knocked my socks off.

This dolman sweater is a fast sew with great details to make it look so fresh and professional regardless of your sewing skills.  The binding done at the neckline and hem really add to the overall look and style of the sweater and once those are done, simply sewing the sides up and you have a fashionable and cute sweater for the winter season.

The Lulu Dolman pattern  you will receive includes:

  • A full PDF pattern with layers for sizes XS-3X, which allows you to print just the sizes you need
  • Step-by-step sewing instructions, pictures included
  • Sewing support through the Petite Stitchery & Co. Facebook group
 The designer recommends a lightweight sweater knit with 4 way stretch, however I did do one in a two way stretch that turned out well.  

If you love to wear sweaters, this is the one to make, you can get a bunch done quickly and you will love them all.  I hope you give this a try, it is a fantastic pattern. Be sure to use hashtag #PSLuluDolman with all of your Lulu creations!


2 thoughts on “Petite Stitchery New Sweater Lulu

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