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Odors Be Banished with OdorKlenz

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When you have kids and pets and just a general household you will come across things that stink.  I know that in our home we sometimes have actually thrown things away solely because I just could not get the smell out of them.

Having OdorKlenz in my arsenal here has saved me from having to ever do that again.  With spring here and opening up the house again we have found that blankets are musty and even some have just an odor that we don’t recognize.

#1 Trusted Natural Odor Eliminators

OdorKlenz sent me some of their products to try out and I have to say, that I was amazed!  The laundry additive alone is worth having in the house all of the time.  Just adding about 1/4 of a cup to a load with detergent has taken care of every odor we have thrown at it.

The best part of this, is that nothing smells like flowers, mango, or even cotton.  My laundry smells clean, not just smelling good, it smells clean, there are no cover ups here just the real things of getting the odors out.

Kids and Babies always bring special laundry odors!


We have two little ones here, and two older ones that play sports, if there is one thing we get is odors.  Getting to try the laundry additive has been awesome but, honestly the one I appreciate the most as a mom is the powdered OdorKlenz we are using in our shoes!

Shoe Powder that WORKS!

The Odor Eliminating powder is not just good for shoes but is perfect even for equipment bags and gloves. Using a product in your shoes that does not take care of the odor but, simply masks it is not pleasant.  Often times we are left with shoes that still smell, they just now smell of feet, and flowers not pretty at all.

I am so excited about having these products in our pantry during softball season, between sweaty laundry and awful shoe smell it is going to make it much more pleasant around here.

Check out all of the products at from OdorKlenz.   Wishing you a clean and odor free spring and summer!

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