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5 Benefits Of Eating Chocolate While Still Fitting Into Your Clothes

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It’s as if we have to feel guilty about everything we eat, especially desserts like chocolate that are given to us on valentine’s day. Most people think of chocolate and immediately associate it with sugar, increased insulin levels and weight gain. As mothers, we often have to watch out for the sweet tooth of our children and families. Meanwhile, we have to make sure that we watch our own waistlines as well. However, there are some benefits of eating chocolate that could make you re-think this amazing dessert. Keep reading to learn about these benefits that may encourage you to indulge in the rich and sweet food item more often.


Dark Chocolate Contains Many Nutritious Elements


Dark chocolate that has cocoa can be a good source of fiber and minerals. Of course, you still need to eat this chocolate in moderation. You do not want to gain your fiber and minerals from chocolate alone. You would have to eat far more than the normal amount. That being said, a dark chocolate bar that has a high percentage of cocoa contains fiber, iron, magnesium and potassium. As you may already know, these are helpful nutrients that we need every day. Some of these nutritious elements help us stay slim and fit into the clothes that we love to wear.  


Eating Chocolate Can Make You Feel Full


Studies have shown that chocolate can make you feel more full and satiated. Whether this is due to the sweet taste or fiber content, you could find yourself eating less because of chocolate. Obviously, this is a nice excuse to cut your dinner short and have some gianduja chocolate. But, it should be eaten in small amounts to get the effect of eating less. Otherwise, you will feel full after eating a similar number of calories. Start with small bites of chocolate. If the studies align with your body, you might not need to eat as much. This can reduce your cravings and keep you in shape to fit into that favorite dress.


Tryptophan In Chocolate Could Make You Happier


Next, the amino acid tryptophan could make you happier. If you are feeling depressed or down, eating chocolate could turn that around. This is not a regular solution to feeling sad. But, once in a while, chocolate can cheer you up. Since chocolate contains tryptophan, it stimulates serotonin production in the body. Naturally, this acts as an anti-depressant for the brain. As a result of eating chocolate covered cherry coffee candy, you will be more likely to get up and do something invigorating. When you are in a positive mood, you will work out, exercise and stay active. An active lifestyle can keep you happy and in shape, which also makes you feel good too.


Chocolate Could Help Expecting Mothers Too


Another study found that chocolate can help mothers who are expecting. As you know, the mental impact of having a child can take a toll on you. Chocolate was shown to reduce stress in the expecting mothers. This is a great benefit of chocolate that can help mothers through stressful or anxiety filled pregnancy days. Curiously enough, the same Finnish study showed that the babies of those mothers smiled more often than other babies whose mothers did not each chocolate. This is a great reason to have some chocolate, especially when your waistline is expanding and you’re eating for the happiness of two people.


Chocolate Can Aide In Treating Diarrhea Symptoms


Dating as far back to the 16th century, some cultures were found to use chocolate to treat diarrhea. This is an unpleasant ailment to have that could keep you from doing your day-to-day mother duties. If you are feeling these symptoms, you should always follow the advice of your medical physician. Additionally, you could eat some chocolate. Scientists believe that the cocoa flavonoids may bind to a protein that assists in regulating fluid secretion from the small intestine. This could help keep your stomach under control, getting you back to your regular activities in your normal clothes.


This post might change the way you look at eating chocolate. There are many benefits of this tasty food that you may not have been aware of. It contains several nutritious elements. It can make you feel full after eating and uplift your mood. If you are expecting as a mother, chocolate could help you and your baby during the pregnancy. More so, it has been found to aid with diarrhea symptoms. With all of these benefits, you can still eat chocolate while fitting into your favorite clothes.  


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