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Tips For Keeping Wheelie Bins Clean

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Image by Pawel Czerwinski via unsplash

When a wheelie bin goes smelly in the heat, it can be a big problem. Smelly rubbish in hot weather is the pits. Bacteria multiplies at warp speed and bins take just hours to get smelly.

The smell from durable wheelie bins comes as a result of organic matter like bones, meat, food scraps, juices and fish carcasses breaking down faster in the heat. This attracts flies, the flies lay eggs and in turn, you are left with a bin full of maggots. So, you really do need to pay attention to your bins.

Tips for Keeping Your Wheelie Bins Clean

Firstly, you need to empty the inside bins as frequently as possible. Wash them. You could even add lemon citrus skin to the water or a little vinegar to remove nasty smells.

Don’t forget to wash out your big wheelie bins, too. You can also keep them in tip top condition by lining them with large biodegradable bags.

While this is an obvious tip, many people for get to do it – keep the lids of your bins shut as much as you can to contain smells and keep the flies out.

You should also wrap food waste in serviettes, paper towels or newspaper to contain the items. Along with solid things such as food soiled pizza boxes and tree clippings, you can create gaps so that air can circulate around your rubbish.

It’s also a great way to keep the bin drier and cooler. If you leave grass clippings in the bin for a few days, before sure to poke it with a garden fork to encourage garden flow.

Try to time things like cutting branches and mowing the law around the weather and organic collections. Typically, it is encouraged that you use methods such as worm farms, fermentation and composting to cut down on organic waste.

Obviously, some food waste cannot be avoided. Try putting food waste in the freezer until collection day so that it doesn’t smell bad in the bin.

More Smelly Bin Tips to Live By

  • Keep your wheelie bins closed at all times and never overload your bins.
  • If there are maggots in the bin even after the rubbish has been removed, you can kill them by pouring hot water on them. Then, clean the bin out with bleach so as to kill any eggs.
  • You can also occasionally clean the wheelie bin with bleach to kill off residual bacteria.
  • Rinse out all food packaging before placing it in your bin.
  • Sprinkle a little baking soda over the bottom of your bin. This helps to soak up odours. You can also use slices of lemon or coffee grounds.
  • Try lining the bottom of your wheelie bin with newspaper, just remember to change it regularly.
  • Wrap litter trays, pet waste, fish scraps, meta and disposable nappies before you put them in the bin.

Use these tips to keep your wheelie bins nice and clean all year round.

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