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Keeping Your Family Dog Safe in Your Yard

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We all love spending time outside and your dog does too. So, if you are lucky enough to have a yard or garden it makes sense to turn it into a dog-friendly space. Somewhere your pooch can go to play, chill out and enjoy the sunshine. Here are six things you need to consider doing to ensure that your dog stays safe while he or she is in the yard.

Let others know that you have a dog

OK, this first item is something that very few dog owners think about. But, it is actually quite important. It is wise to put up beware of dogs signage to let people know that you have a dog. Doing this ensures that anyone walking through your gate will not be startled when your family pet comes bounding up to them. This is important, because if they react in a frightened or shocked way they could spook your dog. That can lead to a serious misunderstanding with your dog thinking they are a threat and reacting accordingly.

Plus, in some states you are obliged to put up these signs anyway. So, if you do not have one already it is worth going online and ordering one. Before you do, check that it meets the legal standard in your state. The best signage companies are up to the date with the regulations and will provide you with the advice you need.

No holes in your hedge or fence

You want to make sure that your dog cannot get out of your garden or yard. Regularly, check that there are no holes in your hedge or fence. If you have got a new dog make sure it cannot jump or dig its way out of your yard. Some dogs are all but impossible to contain, so will need to be supervised at all times when they are outside.

Provide your dog with shade

Building an outdoor kennel for your dog is an excellent idea. You can find plenty of pet shed plans online. When outside, dogs should always have access to shelter. You need to keep the rain off of them in the winter and protect them from the sun and heat during the summer.

A source of fresh water

Your dog should always have access to fresh water whether they are indoors or outdoors. So, set up a water bowl for them and freshen it up every day. Or, better still install a water fountain. Provided you keep it clean and algae free your dog will be able to drink from it.

Every time you go out leave food out for your dog

If you go out and leave your dog outside, make sure that they have access to food. It is wise to do this even if you are not planning to be out long. Unforeseen events occur, which could stop you from being able to get back home or sending someone round to sort out your pet. So, it is wise to invest in a dry food feeder station that you put outside and top up before you go out.

Eliminate toxic plants from your yard

Some plants are toxic to dogs. Naturally, you do not want to grow these in your garden. You can find a fairly comprehensive list of plants you need to avoid if you have pets in your home, on websites like PetMD. Some local vets also maintain comprehensive lists that are area specific.

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