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Increasing Your home Security: A Beginners Guide

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For some, there’s nothing more worrying or terrifying than the idea of a stranger gaining access to your home and taking your possessions and it’s even more concerning if you have young children at home too…

But don’t worry, lucky there are steps you can take to make your home look less appealing to burglars and make any attempt at a break in much more difficult. Check out these 5 steps you can take to increase your home security. Today.

Add a little signage

You probably don’t have three rottweilers at home, but that doesn’t mean you can put up a sign that says so. Adding a little signage around your property lets anyone who is snooping around know that getting into your home isn’t going to be easy. Signs like these, are super easy to install and they’re kind to your budget. Consider a CCTV sign, even a neighbourhood watch sign to give the impression that your home is under surveillance, either by your cameras or your neighbours and speaking of neighbours…

Get to know those around you

In the old days, most people were on first name terms with their neighbours and probably went out with the front door unlocked. These days, things are a little different. However, making the effort to meet and get to know your neighbours is a great security measure. They’ll help keep an eye on your property while you’re out or away on vacation and they’ll even notice activity around your property and know if it’s unusual or not. You could even speak to your local police department about setting up a neighbourhood watch scheme.

Lighting (and lots of it)

Thieves and burglars don’t enjoy being in the spotlight. So lighting up your front and back yard will certainly make things tricky for them. Not only will lighting at the front of your property serve as a security measure, but it’ll also make things safer for you if you’re returning home after dark. It’ll also give your home kerb appeal. So consider installing some wall lights on either side of your front door, introduce some outdoor lighting along your garden path and in your flowerbeds and you can even pick up a motion sensor light for a few dollars.

Check your doors

Most thieves enter through the front door – a scary thought, I know – so go and check the stability of your front door and then the back. If it’s quite old and has seen better days then consider getting it replaced with something more modern and substantial. If replacing your doors isn’t an option right now, then speak to a locksmith about upgrading your locks and installing a deadbolt. The same applies to your windows!

Leave them nowhere to hide

Overgrown bushes, wild flowerbeds and dark, tangled shrubs, not only do they look unsightly, but they also provide the perfect place for thieves and opportunists to hide! Make an effort to keep on top of your garden and keep everything trimmed back.

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