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Bare Bottles Review and Giveaway!

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Tales Of A Southern Mom was very pleased to be able to work with Bare Baby Bottles in reviewing their bottles which closely replicate a breast. These bottles are nice and I found that they had many great features.

One of the first things I noticed about these bottles is that the nipple is a bit inverted, so that when the baby latches on it is more like a breast latch and they have to pull the nipple out, very much, like when they nurse. I know that not all babies will respond to this, but it might help prevent some nipple confusion when a nursing mom has to use pumped milk.


I loved that the bottle has an air plug on the bottom to push out all of the air, unlike with some bottles that use those plastic bags, I have shoved all kinds of things in there to try to get the air out of those things. This feature is built in, does not take a bag and you just move all of the air out of the bottle out of the nipple and not into babe’s tummy.


These bottles do not have air vents. They have a philosophy that mom’s breasts do not have air vents and therefore bottles shouldn’t either. Makes sense to me. The bottle has a system when it all works together the baby can take the bottle in any position. I have read on quite a few breastfeeding sites that baby may want to take a bottle sitting up rather than in the cradle position that they normally nurse in.



Also, an upright feeding position allows baby to eat slower, prevents gorging, and consequently keeps baby’s stomach from stretching. This will help a breastfeeding mom who has to pump keep up her supply to meet baby’s needs. Bare Bottles allow that to happen.

Very neutral but bright aqua color and a travel/leak proof lid make this a wonderful choice for those looking for the ever-elusive bottle that is more like feeding from the breast. Check out the website, and enter below to enter the giveaway that they are so graciously sponsoring to win two, eight (8) ounce bottles of your own to try.

Good Luck! 


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21 thoughts on “Bare Bottles Review and Giveaway!

  1. […] the two easily. They also allow air to be pushed out prior to feeding. You can read the full review here. Winner will receive two (8 ounce bottles). Mommy By Nurture has not been paid for this giveaway […]

  2. […] the two easily. They also allow air to be pushed out prior to feeding. You can read the full review here. Both of my babies had bad gas issues and my daughter had colic.  As a mom who experienced my […]


    1. If you go to their website you could always ask. They are great with communication

  4. Wow – what a unqiue design!!

  5. Love these bottles!!!!!

  6. Such a neat design. I like that it is designed to be as similar to nursing as a bottle can be.

  7. I like the method of feeding it seems like a great bottle for a breastfeeding mom.

  8. I like the design. It’s not like any others i’ve seen. I like the no air factor!

  9. I like the design of the bottle very much. It looks as though it could also help a new granddaughter of mine who has colic bad. This looks to be what she needs.

  10. I need to try these! I love that they don’t have air in them

  11. I love everything about it. My son never took a bottle and at 4 months my daughter is starting to refuse it while I’m at work. I’ve heard a lot of great things about these bottles and would love to try them.

  12. I am very impressed by the nipple of this bottle. My youngest is one month and EBF; I will be returning to work part time in a few short weeks and have been looking for a bottle that mimics breast feeding. This one looks awesome!

  13. I fell in love with these bottles when I first saw them on Pinterest. I planned to purchase them when I was ready to transition my son from breast to bottle, but life didn’t go as planned and he was born last week, 5 weeks early. He will be in the NICU for at least a month. The hospital where he was born is about an hour away from our home so we will be commuting back and forth every day, but I will have to pump so that I can provide for him and the nurses can feed him. I am hoping that this wonderful design will eliminate nipple confusion so that when we finally get him home, I will be able to bond with him through breast feeding.

  14. The new bottle design is a great improvement from the other basic bottles. I love hat the nipple inverts.

  15. Awesome , 🙂

  16. I like how much thought went into the design! It’s definitely different since the nipple inverts a little and there are no air vents.

  17. I think the nipple sounds really different. I am not sure I have ever seen a bottle with a nipple that inverts.

  18. I like that it is air free. So much air in the bottles I currently have.

  19. I love the fact that the nipple acts like that of a mother and the child doesn’t have to tip the bottle to use it.

  20. […] Air-Free Baby Bottles are essential for babies with colic or gas issues. These bottles resemble the breast and allow baby to transition between the two easily. They also allow air to be pushed out prior to feeding. You can read the full review here. […]

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