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3 Tips for Getting Pet Insurance for Your Dog!

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Just like a human trying to obtain good health insurance, there are also specific requirements and things that the insurance company takes into consideration before agreeing to offer your dog a health care plan. This article will help identify some of the ways that will increase your ability to get the best pet insurance available at the best price.


  1. Microchipping can save you a great deal on your pet insurance. While it is a legal requirement (in the UK), many other countries may also have this requirement when signing your furry family member up for insurance. While it may be a requirement in some countries, having your pet microchipped can pay off for you in the form of a discount on your pet insurance. Microchipping can save you money as well as give you more security in knowing that if your dog does run off, your chances of being reunited are likely if he is found and taken to a vet who can trace the microchip. Not only is microchipping a good idea for any dog, it is also important to have your dog wear a collar and tags that indicate who they belong to in case they were to get lost. More dogs every year are put down because their owners are unable to be located.
  2. When purchasing pet insurance, it is a good idea to do so as soon as you adopt your pet. If you adopt your pet as a puppy, it is a good idea to go ahead and get insurance straight away. The longer you wait and the older your dog is, the higher the premium monthly payment. In addition, some insurance companies will only insure dogs until they are 10 years old. If you want more extensive coverage, you will need to do additional research and most likely pay a higher monthly premium.
  3. Before committing to an insurance company, do your research and jot down notes. Make sure that you note what coverage you are certain you want your insurance to include and be sure to discuss this with the representative. Some insurance companies will offer up to 90% of coverage for vet visits, tests, and medications however that does come with a cost. If you know that you will be able to pay for annual check-ups and other routine vet visits, you may want to opt for coverage that does not include as much but will save you a great deal of money every month.

Protecting your furry friend is something that many debate about and then wish that they had done so after it is already too late. If you have a new pet, are considering adopting a pet, or you already have one, it is a great idea to do your research and look into the variety of pet health insurance plans that are on the market today. By investing in your pet’s healthcare now you can prevent stressful situations in the future where you could have to decide between your pet or your wallet.

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